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Actor-Reality Construction

The central research topic is how and in what ways (individual and collective) actors effectively construe causal chains that make organizations and social collectives work. Among other things, our research aims to illuminate the following issues: construction of advanced factual possibilities and their integration with values; the construction of the actor in an environment of operating habitus; and the strategy and nature of conceptual topoi in valid integrating communication. 

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The International Negotiation and Teaching Research Association (INTRA)

Our aim is to create a platform for international research on negotiation and negotiation related topics.
The reason to create a network is that – outside the US – negotiation research and teaching is still scattered over various institutions and there are very little activities to form a community.
INTRA is open for all academics and practitioners, who share our same passion for theory and practice of negotiation.
Please visit our website:

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Strategic Foresight Research Network

We are dedicated to improving practices organizations use to anticipate, plan for and shape the future. For more than 10 years we have advanced research to better understand how companies create winning positions in markets of the future, or how organizations and governments develop solutions that are robust to uncertainty and alert to new opportunities. Our research is grounded in established qualitative methodologies that address complex systems in transition. We see strategic foresight at the nexus of strategy, leadership, and innovation, and we are also closely allied with cognate fields such as design thinking, business model innovation and corporate venturing.

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Niels Hansen

Teaching Associate Professor

Qing Kovarik

Research Assistant

Tomi Matti Mikael Laamanen

Part-time Professor

Panagiotis Mitkidis

Deputy Director of the Centre for Integrative Business Psycholog