Founding Group Established

The partners agreed to create an ambitious and long term partnership

13.-14. December 2014 representatives from Aarhus University, Maasai Mara University, University of Nairobi and the local community of Mararianda met at Karen Blixen Camp, Mara North, Kenya.

During a two day seminar the parties present agreed to join forces,

  • that the Maasai Mara challenge is severe and important in a local, national and international perspective

  • that research can and must contribute to identifying solutions. It is the ambition that this Action will create visible and measurable impact on the Maasai Mara ecosystem in a 10 year (at least) perspective

  • that an interdisciplinary research approach is necessary, but the project should not attempt to do all in once. We will build a program based on a number of research themes and sub-challenges

  • that core of this Action is the active partnership with and participation of local stakeholders especially the Maasai people and communities

  • that the Action is an organisation, a program, a number of research and development projects built on an open and proactive communication to all stakeholders