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2016.02.06 | Research news

ICOA Seed Funding Programme

ICOA would like to support research activities on organizational design. Therefore, we now offer seed funding (15,000-30,000 DKK to be used in 2016) for new research projects within organization design. With a total seed funding budget of 150,000 DKK, we expect to provide seed funding for a number of projects of up to 30,000 DKK. The seed funding…

Foto: Aarhus Universitet

2016.01.14 | News type


Professor Charles Snow, Penn State will during his visit to ICOA hold a writing workshop on how to publish in top journals.

Sarah Maria Krøtel

2016.01.12 | Education news

ICOA Staff News:

Sarah Maria Lysdal Krøtel appointed assistant professor at MGMT and is to become affiliated with ICOA

Panos Mitkidis

2016.01.12 | News type

ICOA Staff News: Panos Mitkidis

Panos Mitkidis appointed a 5 year tenure track at MGMT and is to become affiliated with ICOA

Marianne Livijn

2016.01.12 | News type

ICOA Staff News: Marianne Livijn New Industrial PhD Student at ICOA and UKON

From July 2016, Marianne Livijn will study Macro and Micro Design in Strategy Implementation


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