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At the Department of Management, we conduct research in a variety of fields related to management, corporate communication and marketing — and all our researchers collaborate with their colleagues in the four following sections:

Research Sections

  1. Corporate Communication
  2. Innovations, Entrepreneurship and Informations Systems
  3. Marketing
  4. Organisation, Strategy and Accounting

Our objective is to conduct high-quality research, and we give high priority to publishing our research in leading academic journals and presenting it at recognised conferences.

The department comprises unique research centres which focus on specific areas of expertise:

Research Centres

Research Projects

Research Strategy

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Corporate Communication

We do research that emphasises the strategic and managerial perspectives of communication and draws on cross-disciplinary methods and theories.


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Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Information Systems

We do research in the fields of Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Information Systems, and Project Management. We investigate how to create novel organisations and ideas based on technology and creativity.

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We do research and teaching in the field of marketing. We investigate how to bring about transactions on markets, how to create customer value, and how to establish customer relationships.

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Organisation, Strategy and Accounting

Our research is concerned with organisations, how they are (and should be) governed, managed and controlled.


Head of Section

Jakob Arnoldi

H bldg. 2628, 333
P +4593508702
P +4593508702