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Welcome to the MAPP Centre – Research on Value Creation in the Food Sector for Consumers, Industry and Society

We do research on the development, marketing and distribution of foods and the societal impact of the food sector. Come back for news on our research, new publications and events.

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MAPP Conference 2017 - Sustainability and Food Waste

The MAPP Centre invites you to the annual one-day MAPP Conference which takes place on 23 November at Hotel Scandic Copenhagen. The theme of this year’s conference is food waste in the entire supply chain.

If you work with food - whether as an expert on product development, retail, marketing and consumer insight, policy making or research - the MAPP Conference gives you a chance to get the latest research-based knowledge on food waste. We will present the latest research findings on factors that have an impact on food waste. We will look at the situation not only in Denmark, but also in Europe, and demonstrate some examples of fighting food waste.

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Nofima pre-announces eleven PhD positions for Edulia programme

Eleven PhDs from different countries will be recruited, working in research environments with internationally recognised expertise in areas such as sensory perception, consumer sciences and sensometrics, food choice and behaviour, feeding behaviour, social marketing, consumer socialisation, and cognitive psychology.  
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If you are interested in applying, please contact Alice Grønhøj or Jessica Aschemann-Witzel 

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2017.11.24 | Research news

Dinner groups help elderly people who have lost their cohabiting partner

When elderly people suddenly have to eat their daily meals alone, they experience a decline in their quality of life. However, dinner groups can have a positive effect on people who have lost a cohabiting partner. In a new study, Aarhus University takes a closer look at how changes in elderly people’s life situation impact their eating habits and…

2017.11.14 | People

New assistant professor at the MAPP Centre

Lina Jacobsen - now assistant professor at the Department of Management