Kyosuke Tanaka Received Research Funding

Kyosuke Tanaka received IMC Seed funding (73.806 DKK) as PI in February on the project "Communication Structure and Transactive Memory Systems Updating" in collaboration with Jerry Gao. A short summary of the project is: Social cognition is a powerful explanation for team performance. But, it is not clear how social cognition developed from experience on one task would apply to a different task without updating. We examine the updating process of a specific form of social cognition: a transactive memory system, colloquially known as “knowledge of who knows what.” Applying a network lens, we investigate how communication network structures in small teams influence updating when the knowledge embedded in members changes. We aim to show how the directionality of communication ties—whether communication flows in both directions or only in one—facilitates updating. We will develop an agent-based simulation and an experimental paradigm to develop and test theory. Our research will advance knowledge in transactive memory systems, social networks, and team adaptation