OSA Seminar by Kyosuke Tanaka

OSA seminar by Kyosuke Tanake: Imaginary Network Motifs: Structural Patterns of False Positives and Negatives in Social Networks.

Despite the consensus that individuals are related in more than one way to each other, most social network research examines only one type of relationship at a time. This limits our understanding of interpersonal relationships in teams and organizations. Namely, the coexistence of multiple types of interpersonal relationships between two individuals plays a major role in these settings (e.g., friendship, advice-seeking, conflict, positive, negative, or perceptions). But how do we make sense of this multiplex relationship, and how do we analyze this type of network data? In my talk, I argue that these issues are due to conceptual and methodological limitations. Therefore, I propose a conceptual and analytical framework to solve these limitations and provide researchers with a way to organize multiplex interpersonal relationships in teams and organizations. The main feature of this framework is to provide guiding principles to make sense of multiplex interpersonal relationships. I illustrate how the proposed framework enables new insights to emerge in an empirical context of cognitive networks.