Research members of the Maasai Mara Science and Development Initiative have access to a number of shared resources:

Research Permit

Section 17 (1) of the Science, Technology and Innovation Act, 2013 requires all persons intending to undertake research in the country to apply to the National Commission for Science, Technology and Innovation (NACOSTI) for the grant of a Research Licence. Research refers to any investigation or inquiry or interview that aims to collect data or information, academic or non-academic, that will lead to new information and/or knowledge.

Are you a registered member of the MMSDI, then you can refer to our research permit.

Please contact Program Director Pernille Kallehave to get an official document to show that you are a member of MMSDI.

Research facilities

As an official member of MMSDI, you can use the excellent research facilities (accommodation, meals, car and driver, internet, conference facilities) provided by Karen Blixen Camp/Karen Blixen Camp Trust in Mara North Conservancy. 

Please contact Program Director Pernille Kallehave for price list.

Network meetings and seminars 

When we are in the Mara for fieldwork, it is our ambition to share knowledge with other researchers and local stakeholders. We arrange network meetings and seminars at Karen Blixen Camp.

Local partners

Mararianta community is a village in Mara North Conservancy. Mr. David Noosaron, landowner, is a founding member of MMSDI, representing the village. He often assists the researchers in getting in contact with maasais living in the area like Area Chief Joseph Nabaala, the conservancies etc.

Communication platform

Dissemination of our research activities and results is vital to us. We therefore put an effort in meeting the locals to get their inputs to our research and ensure that the research results contribute to sustainable solutions to the challenges of the Mara. 

Our web, facebook and twitter profiles are important media to tell the people living in the area about our research.