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Polymeros Chrysochou

2020.03.13 | People

Newly appointed professor at Department of Management

We are happy to announce that Polymeros Chrysochou has been appointed professor from 1 March 2020.

2020.02.17 | Research news

Barrierer og potentialer for at udbrede Det Økologiske Spisemærke

Det Økologiske Spisemærke er en statskontrolleret mærkningsordning, der viser andelen af økologi på et spisested. Mærkningsordningen har allerede gjort sit indtog i de offentlige køkkener, men de private spisesteder lader vente på sig. AU-forskere har undersøgt barrierer og potentialer for at udbrede Det Økologiske Spisemærke

2020.02.11 | Research news

Brazilian by-products transformed into food

When we eat a cashew nut, we might not be aware of the fact that the ‘nut’ it is just a small part of the cashew fruit. When we buy coconut water, we may not think about what happened to the rest of the coconut. Many crops, especially fruits, go partly to waste. In cooperation with Brazilian researchers, researchers from Aarhus University will…