2019.08.06 | People

New faces in the corridor at ICOA

A warm welcome to Elaine Horstmann and Jonathan David Jensen

2019.06.18 | Events

3. møde i Forum for Organizational Design

Den 18. juni afholdt vi det 3. møde i Forum for Organizational Design. På mødet holdt Erhvervsstipendiat Marianne Livijn oplæg om emnet: ’Uddeleger designopgaven og aktiver alle ledelseslag’.

2019.06.12 | Events

ICOA Seminar by Giacomo Negro

On 11 June Giacomo Negro from Emory University presented his recent paper 'Inter-Organizational Collaborations in Partitioned Marleys: Creative Exploration and Box-Office Performance of Co-Productions in Hollywood'

2019.05.09 | Events

ICOA seminar by Sheen Levine

On Tuesday 7 May 2019, Sheen Levine presented his recent work: What Directs Search? Multi-site Experimental Evidence on Exploration – Exploitation

Paul Leonardi

2019.04.09 | Events

Better People Analytics: Measure Who They Know, Not Just Who They Are

On 8 April, Paul Leonardi gave a very interesting talk in the Organizational Design Forum

2019.04.03 | Events

ICOA Seminar by Sven Kunisch

On 2 April, Sven Kunisch presented his latest work: ‘The Rise of the Chief Digital Officer: An Exploratory Study'

Richard Burton and Henrike Konzag

2018.12.21 | Events

Henrike Konzag - now PhD

On 21 December 2018, Henrike Konzag successfully defended her PhD at Department of Management

2018.11.12 | Research news

Four research projects have been granted seed funding

We now have four new seed funded projects at ICOA

2018.10.26 | Events

ICOA/OSA Seminar by Oliver Baumann

Cutting through the Fog of Demand: The Competitive Value of Customer Information

2018.09.14 | Events

PhD defence by Anders Broens Møllekær

The organization of Danish emergency departments and patient outcome

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