Research for Food Policy Development

With an outset in current food policy issues related to health, sustainability and general food quality trends, MAPP conducts yearly research projects on the attitudes, preferences and activities of consumers and other market and non-market actors.

Apart from a yearly measurement documenting the development in Danish food consumers quality preferences e.g., the projects concern issues such as:

  • Food literacy among students on vocational education
  • Cooking competences and satisfaction with food related life,
    see e.g.
  • Portion sizes and the consumption of snacks and sweets
  • Accept of alternative, e.g. insect based, protein sources
  • Attitude to nutritional information from traditional and new, e.g. social media
  • Trends and developments within food catering, e.g. the organic label for restaurants and New Nordic,
    see e.g.

Based on the agreement on research based ministry service between the Ministry of the Environment & Food and AU, MAPP agrees on a yearly basis with the Ministry as to which projects to conduct.

Results from MAPP led research projects within the agreement may be found in the list to the right.