Status of the DII

We are currently in the first round of data collecting in DII and the results will be ready early 2022. We look forward to sharing the results in our first DII online conference, which is supported by the Carlsberg Foundation. 

We are currently planning the conference for early March 2022 and more news will be available here soon. 

In 2021 we are measuring the innovativeness (and related variables for companies six industries: Retail stores (FMCG), Telecom, Delivery services, Online retailers, Furniture retailers and Streaming services.

In the coming years, we will add 2-3 industries every year until the 20 most important industries, based on Danish consumers’ spending, are part of the Danish Innovation Index.



The world’s first consumer-based ranking of most innovative firms has come to Denmark. “If you cannot measure it, you cannot manage it” is an old management saying.

Existing sources of systematic information on innovation efforts and performance typically rely on macroeconomic indicators (e.g., Global Innovation Index) or self-reports by managers or experts (e.g., Community Innovation Survey). This top-down perspective is undeniably valuable, but it neglects the experiences and opinions of the innovation recipients, i.e. consumers.

Innovation, by definition, requires the commercial application of a new idea, which means being made available on the market. Recognizing that it is customers’ adoption and usage decisions that determine the success of new products and, ultimately, of innovators themselves, this bottom-up approach to evaluating innovation efforts was developed*.

*The Innovation Index was developed by Professor Tor W Andreassen (NHH/CSI), Professor Line Lervik Olsen (BI/NHH) and postdoctoral researcher Seidali Kurtmollaiev (NHH/CSI).

The Innovation Index is a theoretically derived measurement instrument that rests on two assumptions:

  1. countries cannot be innovative—companies can; and
  2. leaders and experts are not the final judges of innovations—consumers are.

Through a carefully designed procedure, the Innovation Index captures consumers’ perceptions of firms’ innovativeness and the changes that result from these innovations. The main focus is on assessing perceived firm innovativeness and on examining the effects on firms’ strategic positioning and customer loyalty.

Results of the Danish Innovation Index (DII), based on an annual rating and ranking of Danish firms across different sectors based on their innovativeness, relative attractiveness, and customer loyalty will be published here.


Lina Jacobsen
Assistant Professor

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Darius-Aurel Frank

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Helle Alsted Søndergaard
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