Generative assistants in Fintech

Exploring the Hybrid Intelligence Technology Acceptance Model (HI-TAM) for strategic innovation within the Fintech sector

This project aims to develop tailored generative AI assistants for fintech applications, focusing on critical design variables and industry-specific factors. Central to this initiative is the Hybrid Intelligence Technology Acceptance Model (HI-TAM), which seeks to transform traditional AI adoption measures by incorporating parameters such as the willingness to train and co-develop AI solutions. The model has garnered significant attention from organizations like Danske Bank, highlighting its potential for widespread impact across the industry.

The project emphasizes AI/Machine Learning implementation, Big Data, and Open Banking. It seeks to identify use cases, establish value, and address adoption challenges of generative AI technology. It also distinguishes between generic AI solutions and custom-trained Large Language Models (LLMs), leveraging extensive experience from partnerships with companies like Autodesk and Adobe.

Comprising two phases—'Process Innovation' and 'Product Innovation'—the project includes employee upskilling workshops, workflow mapping, prototype development, and stakeholder interviews. These activities are designed to increase employee involvement in AI development and foster new product innovations in the fintech sector.


Janet Rafner


Jacob Sherson

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