Professional Hybrid Intelligence

Professional Hybrid Intelligence

We aim to enhance organizational workflows by leveraging combined expertise in computer science, cognitive science/creativity, and management.

Our research and development efforts focus on developing strategic human-AI collaboration practices tailored to specific organizational needs. We aim to achieve this through our Hybrid Intelligence (HI) change management framework that strategically integrates generative AI into organizational operations, empowering all employees as innovators, bolstering data security, and cultivating a culture of continuous micro-innovations. We are committed to paving the way for effective Generative AI (GenAI) adoption in organizations, ensuring that our technology not only complements human capabilities but also builds a resilient and innovative workforce equipped to navigate the evolving organizational landscape.

Hybrid Intelligence change management framework

The rise of generative AI technologies offers a transformative opportunity to revolutionize organizational operations. However, successfully integrating these technologies into existing organizational models requires careful planning and thoughtful execution. To overcome challenges such as skill gaps and data security concerns associated with GenAI adoption, we have developed a multi-tiered integration strategy through our HI change management framework:

Empower every employee

Involves providing all employees, irrespective of their technical skills, with user-friendly GenAI tools through no-code platforms.


Cultural transformation

Focuses on shifting organizational culture to embrace continuous learning and foster micro-innovation, rather than solely concentrating on disruptive, large-scale technological changes.

Human-AI collaboration 

Enables all employees to become skilled users of AI systems, maintaining human judgment, through the use of Human-Machine Learning Loops (HMLL).

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