I just experienced what Jacob Sherson can bring to the table when we look to the near future, in the domain og Hybrid Intelligence. He gave talks in my "Leadership in Change" networks, and, frankly, we were blown away. With humility, because we saw how little we actually understand when it comes to HI and the impact on leadership. And with hope, because we somehow sensed that yes, we can all play a significant role in shaping this transformation. Truly mind-blowing! It is no exaggeration that within 90 minutes talking with Jacob, I fundamentally shifted my view of the HI future - and decided to get onboard. Jacob's insight, experience and courage just may shift how you think about our future, too. If you have not yet heard him - do! I highly recommend engaging with Jacob Sherson if you care about your business and our future..

testimonial Claudia Lindby Executive and Team Performance Coach

It was a pleasure having Jacob visiting us with his great presentation about artificial intelligence: “A hybrid intelligence approach to developing generative AI applications." It was very inspirational to have the opportunity to meet Jacob, and to gain insight into his latest research from Center for Hybrid Intelligence.

testimonial Anne Vibeke Bessing Project Manager at Økonomistyring & Finans, Aarhus Municipality

With great enthusiasm and knowledge of his field, Jacob has now several times given a presentation and enlightened a group of young aspiring researchers (Projekt Forskerspirer) on how generative AI offers more opportunities in all research directions from the natural sciences to the social sciences. Each time, Jacob has succeeded greatly in engaging and inspiring his audience and arousing the curiosity of the young aspiring researchers. Thank you so much, Jacob!

testimonial Majbritt Nielsen Project Manager at Aarhus University

The coworking space; "telefonHuset," which had invited businesses to an inspirational workshop with Jacob Sherson, received a very rewarding and inspiring presentation and hands-on experience on the use of artificial intelligence for companies in a broad sense. Jacob manages to captivate the audience with his extensive knowledge, but also with his engaging manner of delivering a message. It was a great pleasure to have Jacob as a guest, and he comes highly recommended from me.

testimonial Ulrik Torp Kvistgaard telefonHuset

It was a great pleasure to have Jacob as a speaker at the DigitalLead event "AI: CHATGPT - From Hype to Reality." Jacob delivered a very relevant and insightful presentation on AI and Hybrid Intelligence. Jacob is a skilled communicator and spoke passionately about the topic, and his presentation was filled with great cases and engagement. It was clear to see that the participants were very interested in the messages Jacob shared. I hope we can collaborate again soon on similar activities. I will certainly be very comfortable and proud if we can once again give DigitalLeads members the opportunity to gain insight into the great knowledge you have.

testimonial Anne-Mette Overdahl Kuijpers Senior Network Manager at DigitalLead

Crea.visions stems from a very practical question. A question and ambition that I think we all share: How do we invite citizens into an open, value-based and inclusive conversation about the future of the city and the challenges we face on the way there? Here, crea.visions of Aarhus is a suitably ambitious, creative and tangible proposal.

testimonial Bo Fristed Head of Innovation, Technology, and Creativity at Aarhus Municipality

It was a real pleasure working with Jacob and the Center for Hybrid Intelligence (CHI) team. I started at the CHI as master thesis student and was blessed by the support my thesis colleague and I got from Jacob. Jacob always took the time to give us inspiration and helped us when we got stuck. We were treated as all the other colleagues, on the same level as the other interns, PhD students, Postdocs and Professors. Jacob was never just a boss. He is a real inspiration, and I am proud of the opportunity to work with him and his team. After the thesis submission, I continued at the CHI with a research internship. I got responsibility from day 1. Together we developed a corporate hybrid intelligence concept, which we tested in several real company settings. I loved to make research more actionable and to transfer vague AI/ management concepts into the tangible business world with concrete guidelines and tools on how to create business value with Hybrid Intelligence.

testimonial Christian Bantle Research Intern

I thought your workshop was incredibly exciting, and I never would have thought that artificial intelligence was such an interesting topic, and I also had the opportunity to ask a question myself. I really liked that you also looked ahead and talked about how artificial intelligence could affect us as humans in the future and what the development might look like. Additionally, it was good that we as ATU members also got to interact with artificial intelligence in terms of creating images.

testimonial Student Akademiet for Talentfulde Unge

For our annual strategy meeting at SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP Jacob Sherson was invited to share his insights and view on how hybrid intelligence will change the organization of the future. During a 60-minute presentation Jacob managed to give the directors a very good understanding of AI and the possibilities and limitations. Jacob managed to touch many different aspects of the digital journey we must expect to arrive for each of the departments represented at the meeting. We will definitely consider calling Jacob again to consult us in our digital journey.

testimonial Lars Kops, Digital Business Transformation SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP

Thank you so much for being with us! I am now particularly fond of Quantum Physics now more than ever. I am so grateful for having the opportunity to listen to your lecture. Thank you so much!

testimonial Kyle Andrew A. Abello, Senior High School Student Philippine Science High School

I can highly recommend Jacob Sherson as a speaker on AI. He has the ability to make the complex comprehensible, leaving participants smarter and more insightful. What is truly special about Jacob is his ability to speak to both very knowledgeable people and those with less insight. Thus, Jacob can bridge the gap between academia and the more operational world. Furthermore, during his presentation, he continuously adjusts the knowledge level to match the audience. Finally, Jacob possesses a unique energy level that is clearly felt during his presentation.

testimonial Morten Kolberg Consultant Manager and Director at Erhvervshus Hovedstaden

At our Founder's Day event, I was privileged to witness Jacob Sherson deliver a speech. The way Jacob articulated complex AI concepts was brilliantly conveyed in a manner that was both accessible and practical at the same time. I was greatly inspired by his Hybrid Intelligence thoughts and his perspective on how best to facilitate collaboration between humans and algorithms in an ethical manner in which both can play a part. His passion for the subject makes him a truly inspiring speaker. For any discussions or events related to AI and its ethical applications, I wholeheartedly recommend Jacob.

testimonial Anders Boelskifte Mogensen Co-Founder, CEO at Founderment

We were very fortunate to have Jacob Sherson give an enticing overview of the possibilities and challenges of Hybrid Intelligence at our joint medical physics meeting between Danish Centre for Particle Therapy and Aarhus radiation therapy department. AI techniques are ripe for introduction into our busy clinical workflow and understanding how these promising technologies could aid rather than replace the human in a constructive way was an important point that came across from Jacob's talk. It was clear that the best way to capitalize on the promise of AI was its intelligent deployment in psychological safe way for all fellow employees. We hope to work closely together in the future with Jacob and his group when tackling these important questions and would recommend anyone that are facing introduction of AI into their workflow to listen closely to his views on this matter.

testimonial Jesper Kallehauge, Medical Physicst, Associate Professor Danish Centre for Particle Therapy

Crea.visions reimagine the future, merging art, technology, and citizen collaboration. It's an exciting example of addressing climate change as a 'wicked problem'. I am very happy with the great result that came out of the collaboration with the Center for Hybrid Intelligence and I look forward to seeing crea.visions grow.

testimonial Emma Emilie Heibøll Development Consultant at the Climate Secretariat in Aarhus Municipality

To prepare an interactive stimuli for an experiment on moral behaviour we did with my Group, I asked Jacob if somebody from his Group could help Simon and myself. This would require someone who would have knowledge on oTree, a python + django based framework that allows building complex interaction-based experiments that can be conducted over the internet. Jacob happily helped us and introduced to us Robert, and Mirek from his Group. The collaboration was smooth and also crucial for the continuation of the project, since it involved several technical details.

testimonial Panagiotis Mitkidis, PhD, Associate Prof. Aarhus University, MGMT

Crea.visions exemplifies innovative citizen participation, showcasing how hybrid intelligence can revolutionize democratic processes.

testimonial Søren Lundsgaard Project Manager for Innovation, Technology, and Creativity at Aarhus Municipality.

I have been playing with ChatGPT and MidJourney nonstop since the seminar; it was fantastic to get a little insight into the technological revolution that is taking place right before our eyes.

testimonial Student Akademiet for Talentfulde Unge

After hours of frustration and quite by chance, I talked with a colleague of mine about a newly proposed algorithm that I wanted to use in my research. He tipped me that the Center for Hybrid Intelligence (CHI) had the necessary knowledge and skills I needed for overcoming the struggles I was facing with building the practical implementation of the algorithm. Based on this talk, I decided to contact Jacob Sherson from the Center for Hybrid Intelligence (CHI), and without any hesitation, Jacob helped me finding the right person for the task with an extensive knowledge of Python and advanced mathematical skills. In collaboration with data scientist, Martin Lécaille, I was able to build the algorithm in Python, which I needed for a study in a large EU-project. The collaboration between Martin and I was great, and I not only got a competent person to help me out with building the algorithm, but I also got an important discussion partner during the process. After this good experience, I have already initiated a new collaboration with Jacob and his team.

testimonial Rikke Nyland Christensen, PhD Student Aarhus University, MGMT

Thank you for this wonderful presentation of knowledge. We are studying this topic at the moment (but at surface level knowledge only) and I hope to hear more from you soon because you explained such a hard topic in a way an undergraduate student like myself easily understood.

testimonial Cyanna Joane Trinidad, Undergraduate Student University of the Philippines Manila