Our Services

Our Center can empower you and your company by creating synergic relationships with technology, aimed to bring out your and your employees’ strengths.

We codify a set of practices that illustrate how hybrid intelligent systems could be created by building human-centered AI solutions. When working with AI, ethical considerations are indispensable. Therefore, we work with an interdisciplinary cross-section of talents, who bring their own perspectives and knowledge into our final solutions. 

The Center for Hybrid Intelligence offers different services such as: 

  • Inspirational Talks and Workshops
  • Hybrid Intelligence Interface Development
  • Hybrid Intelligence Onboarding and Implementation Processes
  • The Adaptation of Thinking with Technology tools
  • Game/Simulation Design
  • Educational Materials

Further Information

Jacob Sherson

Professor with Special Responsibilities



At the center we offer different workshops. One example is a workshop about hybrid intelligence where the modern development of AI is explained in a way which is adapted to suit every organization's individual needs and preferences.

Another type of workshop is centered on citizen science and public participation in research. In this workshop we take a closer look on how to bring humans more into the loop with AI and look at the invaluable testbed citizen science offers in relation to the development of hybrid intelligence and human centered AI. Here we also re-visit the field of citizen science through the lens of hybrid intelligence.  


At the center we have developed many different games and simulations. In many cases researchers reach out to our center for collaborations on developing games and simulations. Two examples are SafeConsume and Crops vs Creatures. Safe consume is a game where you can play your way to safer food handling, the game is a part of an EU project that works to reduce the health burden from foodborne illnesses.

Crops vs Creatures is a game made in collaboration with the university of Stirling. The game is a part of a research study on natural resource management, where we look at the impact of conflict framing on land use decision making.

Inspirational Talks

There are a wide variety of inspirational talks that are available at our YouTube channel on many different topics ranging from quantum physics to social science and hybrid intelligence. One example is a talk about how everyone can become a quantum physicist in five minutes. Another one is a talk on the use of citizen science research and how public participation is used in research and education. If you want to see more, go to our YouTube channel.


Tech Tools

At our center we offer a wide range of tools that support humans while they search for answers. These kinds of tools are what we call “Thinking with technology tools”.

The tools we can offer here are NLP4All which is a web-based tool created to help non-programmers with little to no knowledge about nlp to analyze text. OptimizerSpace is a tool that can be used to help non-mathematicians while they perform optimization. ArguNotes is a tool that can be used to facilitate cooperation through the creation and sharing of papers, to improve knowledge. Using Quantum tools such as Quantum composer we can perform quantum simulations and visualizations in one dimension.