Our Services

"70 percent of AI project generate little impact [1]. With hybrid intelligence employed both to the interface design and the organizational adoption we aim to improve this." - Jacob Sherson

Our Center can empower you and your company by creating synergic relationships with technology, aimed to bring out your and your employees’ strengths. We codify a set of practices that illustrate how hybrid intelligent systems could be created by building human-centered AI solutions. When working with AI, ethical considerations are indispensable. Therefore, we work with an interdisciplinary cross-section of talents, who bring their own perspectives and knowledge into our final solutions. 

The Center for Hybrid Intelligence offers different services such as: 

  • Inspirational Talks and Workshops,
  • Hybrid Intelligence Interface Development,
  • Hybrid Intelligence Onboarding and Implementation Processes,
  • The Adaptation of Thinking with Technology tools, 
  • Game/Simulation Design, 
  • Educational Materials.

The Center of Hybrid Intelligence works collaboratively with our citizen science platform ScienceAtHome to provide deep knowledge and research on human problem solving and research for digital interfaces that facilitate collaboration between humans and algorithms.


"To prepare an interactive stimuli for an experiment on moral behaviour we did with my Group, I asked Jacob if somebody from his Group could help Simon and myself. This would require someone who would have knowledge on oTree, a python + django based framework that allows building complex interaction-based experiments that can be conducted over the internet. Jacob happily helped us and introduced to us Robert, and Mirek from his Group. Robert, and Mirek connected really well and they were all open to understanding each group’s scope. The collaboration was smooth and also crucial for the continuation of the project, since it involved several technical details."  -  Panagiotis Mitkidis, PhD, Associate Prof. at Aarhus University, MGMT, 2022

"For our annual strategy meeting at SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP Jacob Sherson was invited to share his insights and view on how hybrid intelligence will change the organization of the future. During a 60-minute presentation Jacob managed to give the directors a very good understanding of AI and the possibilities and limitations. Jacob managed to touch many different aspects of the digital journey we must expect to arrive for each of the departments represented at the meeting. We will definitely consider calling Jacob again to consult us in our digital journey." - Lars Kops, Digital Business Transformation, SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP, 2021


[1] Markarius et al 2020