Our services

At the Center for Hybrid Intelligence (CHI), we specialize in hybrid intelligence, blending human ingenuity with artificial intelligence to unlock new potentials. Our interdisciplinary team collaborates with researchers, students, professionals, and citizens alike, providing a range of tailored services. From interactive workshops and no-code chatbots to multidisciplinary research collaborations, we facilitate a deeper integration of AI into various fields. 

AI integration: Hybrid Intelligence talks and training

Director Jacob Sherson conducts talks and training sessions to support organizations in navigating the complexities of AI implementation.

By integrating human insights with the latest generative AI (GenAI) technologies through a hybrid intelligence approach, these sessions aim to drive organizational change and enhance performance.

Additionally, our programs empower your team to use AI tools within the Human-Machine-Learning Loop (HMLL), fostering innovation and continuous learning to maximize the benefits of GenAI adoption.

AI tool development: Workshops and no-code solutions

Our workshops provide practical insights and hands-on experiences, using our shared resources to implement AI in your organization. 

For example, we offer a workshop on our no-code platform for creating customized chatbots using GPT API services from OpenAI, Gemini, Mistral, and Grok. These chatbots are ideal for teaching, learning, and research.

You can see an example of a chatbot here, created for HR in quantum tech and other highly technical fields. 

Human-centered AI: Collaborative research opportunities

We aim to advance human-centered AI technologies and applications through collaborative research.

To achieve this, we actively seek collaboration from both postdocs and students, offering opportunities to contribute to academic papers, blog posts, thought leadership content, guest lectures, solution surveys, and teaching materials like case studies.

Explore our research focus areas to discover opportunities that align with your interests. If you have a research collaboration idea, we’re eager to hear about it.

What our collaborators say

Truly mind-blowing! It is no exaggeration that within 90 minutes talking with Jacob Sherson, I fundamentally shifted my view of the HI future - and decided to get onboard. Jacob's insight, experience and courage just may shift how you think about our future, too. If you have not yet heard him - do! I highly recommend engaging with Jacob if you care about your business and our future.

testimonial Claudia Lindby Executive and Team Performance Coach

It was a real pleasure working with Jacob Sherson and the CHI team. We developed a corporate hybrid intelligence concept, which we tested in several real company settings. I loved to make research more actionable and to transfer vague AI/ management concepts into the tangible business world with concrete guidelines and tools on how to create business value with Hybrid Intelligence.

testimonial Christian Bantle Research Intern

Crea.visions reimagine the future, merging art, technology, and citizen collaboration. It's an exciting example of addressing climate change as a 'wicked problem'. I am very happy with the great result that came out of the collaboration with the Center for Hybrid Intelligence and I look forward to seeing crea.visions grow.

testimonial Emma Emilie Heibøll Development Consultant at the Climate Secretariat in Aarhus Municipality