At the Center for Hybrid Intelligence, we use games to explore and compare the strengths and weaknesses of human and artificial intelligence and develop optimal interactions between the two.​


“We are not only working to formulate what we want to build today, but also to conceptualize the kinds of systems we could build in the future. We need systems that enable continuous mutual learning as the human and the AI interact with each other. We need systems that can adapt to individual preferences so that the user can seamlessly cooperate with the AI. And we need to do all of this while paying extreme attention to any current or potential ethical concerns.”​

Jacob Sherson (Head of Center)​


The Center for Hybrid Intelligence is an interdisciplinary research team exploring digital interfaces that facilitate collaboration between humans and algorithms.​

”We believe that every complex task can be improved by Hybrid Intelligence (HI). We want to transform how people think about HI and how they interact with it”

Janet Rafner (Director of Learning)


Our goal is to strengthen human partnership with technology and prepare and inspire people for emergent futures. Keeping Sustainable Development Goals in mind, we frame our work in the context of improving the world we live in.​