Internships and Student Projects

Are you looking for an internship to kick-start your career? At Center for Hybrid Intelligence we're looking to foster new talent.

With numerous projects in different fields taking place, we have many opportunities for not only internships but also bachelor and master thesis projects. Internships can range from 5-10 hours a week to full time.

You can look through the different topics below outlining some of the opportunities. If you have other ideas, please get in touch.

Please note that we are only able to accept students and recent graduates (within 12 months) as interns.

Psychology and Cognitive Science

Large-scale Cognitive Profiling

Using Skill Lab: Science Detective, this could entail:

  • Bayesian modeling of cognitive abilities
  • A hierarchical version of the existing analysis
  • Literature review of games assessing cognitive skills
  • Test-retest reliability
  • Privacy-preserving analysis pipelines

Experience with programming is essential (Python preferred). Interest in cognition (behavioral data) essential. Interest in cognitive modelling an advantage but not essential.

Online Game-based Large-scale Portfolio for Assessing Creativity

Using CREA, this could entail:

  • Analysis of transcripts from preliminary crea.blender study
  • Image analysis
  • GANs and semantic based algorithms
  • Literature reviews: Minecraft and creativity, creativity in education or creativity in young children

Human Problem-Solving

Using Crystal Crop fever, this could entail:

  • Facilitating and/or analyzing think-aloud interviews and their data (group play)
  • Limited resource search in 2-d landscapes: Annealing and agent-based-models.
  • Running experiments comparing how individuals vs groups search

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Using NLP4All, this could entail: 

  • Adding new Machine Learning models to NLP4All
  • Adding new user interactions or visualizations of NLP data to NLP4All
  • Collaborating with faculty at AU on building curricular activities with NLP4All for their courses

If you would like to build new features for NLP4All, then experience with Python3 is a must, and experience with Flask or Django a plus.

If you would like to develop curricular activities, then you should have a strong interest in and some experience with education design.

Learning and Citizen Science

Optimization in Education

  • Analysis of students' classroom discussions, written responses during homework, or classroom work
  • Analysis of students' decision making processes
  • Comparing students' approaches to Machine Learning approaches
  • Literature reviews 


Blocks-based Modeling in Education

  • Analysis of students learning or modeling data
  • Development of domain specific blocks-based libraries or curriculum
  • Interview guides for eliciting designs for new blocks

Experience with at least one of the following skills are required: Netlogo coding, learning analysis and/or natural language processing.



  • Build one or two small, simple learning activities using the ArguNotes prototype
  • Literary review on tools similar to ArguNotes


Research-enabling Game-based Education (ReGAME)

  • Literature review on Citizen science and games in the classroom and inquiry-based science education.


Data Science

Data Science is the backbone of all our projects, from the design of scientific studies through the data acquisition planning, verification and debugging to the analysis and modeling of the data with advanced Machine Learning methods, often requiring custom-made architectures. With us, you can put your experience in this field to a good use as well as expand it in directions relevant for real-world applications.

Skills required include:

  • Coding in Python
  • SQL is a plus
  • Experience with version control
  • Familiarty with basic statistical methods
  • The ability to read, speak and write English.   

Game Development and Design

Interested in the process of how to develop and maintain games, or create engaging game designs?

We have a wide variety of games as part of our ScienceAtHome platform where we host our citizen science and research games with the aim of revolutionizing scientific research and teaching by game-play. 

Some of the things we offer include:

  • Working in a an organized development environment.
  • Planning and experiencing Unity3D game development from Git to Publication

Skills required include:

  • Experience with development in Unity3D and C# programming.
  • Some experience with Git (SCRUM preferred).
  • Experience with Photoshop, Illustrator, Blender/Maya or other tools for content creation are a plus.

Quantum Physics Games and Education

Quantum Games

  • Facilitating and/or analyzing think-aloud interviews and their data
  • Analysis of data from old version of Quantum Moves for player behavior
  • Analysis of data from Lab Manager or Quantum Pattern Matching game
  • Hidden Markov model for learning in Quantum Moves 2
  • Development of next versions of games
  • Incorporation of quantum games into curriculum (especially Lab Manager)
  • Assistance with a review manuscript on quantum games
  • Assistance in design and implementation of studies with quantum games.


Quantum Education

  • Facilitating and/or analyzing think-aloud interviews and their data
  • Quantitative analyses of qualitative PER data or survey data
  • Development and testing of Quantum Composer exercises at different educational levels
  • Assistance with further extensions of PER with Quantum Composer


Quantum Physics

  • Development of remote experimental interfaces like the Alice Framework
  • Development of curriculum around an educational remote experimental interface
  • Review of remote interfaces used for experiments inside and outside of quantum physics


Skills required include at least a bachelor's level course in quantum mechanics, interest in learning more about the quantum world and the ability to read, speak and write English. 

Skills required for coding includes experience in a programming language (e.g. Python, Javascript, HTML, MATLAB). 

Experience with version control (e.g. GitLab), data analysis, data presentation, Machine Learning and statistics are also a plus. 

Are you looking for a place to put theory into practice? Apply for an internship like Antoine and Aymeric did: 

"My skills in Python skyrocketed. I have learned about object-oriented programming, Linux, GANs, optimizations methods, Flask, SQL and Gaussian processes, to name but a few. I really think the experience will help me, in the long run, to get a job in data science or in machine learning, both because of the knowledge and experience it provided to me, and because it is a really convincing line on your resume for future opportunities." - Antoine, data science intern in 2020 

"I’ve been working with a lot of freedom, which doesn’t mean that I was left alone by my supervisors: they were always responsive and ready to help me if I needed. The team overall is very benevolent, but still demanding, which sets a perfect work environment, both challenging and rewarding. Thanks to that, I feel I have improved my coding and analysis skills, but also soft skills like communication. Long story short: I highly encourage anyone to work with this amazing team, even if they can’t come physically — I’ve been working more than half of my internship remotely and still had an amazing time working at Center for Hybrid Intelligence. Don’t hesitate if you have the opportunity! ;)"
- Aymeric
, machine learning intern in 2021

Are you interested in doing an internship or your student project with us? Contact us and explain your interests, education and competences and within which area you'd like to work. We look forward to hearing from you!  

If you're looking for a job with us, we list them on the AU website.

"At the Center, it feels like the team is there for you. My supervisor was frequently asking how things were going and if I were satisfied with my tasks, or if I would rather be working on something different.

- Antoine, data science intern in 2020