The Department of Management continuously strives to create value for its stakeholders.

We educate people, develop talent and share research results and knowledge with organisations and companies around the world.


We give priority to interdisciplinary collaboration and have close connections with the business sector as well as with other departments at Aarhus BSS.

National and international companies have always been interested in the research carried out at the department, and tools and results created by our reseachers are used as inspiration in the daily work in organisations and the business sector. Our researchers have over time participated in a large number of research projects - including a number of EU projects.

We give high priority to the publication of our research in leading academic journals. Please read more about our publications

A broad range of collaboration

The Department of Management gives priority to interdisciplinary collaboration and has close connections with the business sector.

The department also has many international visitors and prioritises that researchers go abroad for sabatical for a longer period to work internationally. A large number of collaboration projects as well as EU projects are carried out in close collaboration with researchers from Europe and the rest of the world.

Department of Management is an attractive workplace and a wide range of international researchers work together with Danish researchers at the department.