For external co-examiners

Below, you will find the information and instructions relevant for co-examiners at the Department of Management.

Your responsibilities as external co-examiner

As external co-examiner, you are responsible for ensuring:

  • That the requirements for the degree programmes’ examinations, including the written assignments, are in accordance with the objectives specified in ministerial orders and academic regulations;
  • That the examinations are conducted in compliance with current rules; and
  • That the students receive a uniform and fair treatment and that their achievements are assessed in a reliable manner pursuant to the rules on marking and any other applicable rules.

Use of Generative Artificial Intelligence at AU

At the end of January 2024, the Education Committee at AU approved new guidelines for student’s use of tools based on generative artificial intelligence (GAI) in final exams (Bachelor’s projects, Master’s theses etc.). The new guidelines take effect immediately - also for students who are already working on their exam projects.

As a general rule, students are not permitted to use tools based on generative artificial intelligence in their exams at Aarhus University. Students may only use tools based on generative artificial intelligence in the following forms of assessment:

  • Bachelor’s projects
  • Master’s theses
  • Final exams on continuing and further education programmes
  • Exams for which it explicitly states in the course description that students may use generative artificial intelligence

If students use tools based on generative artificial intelligence in any of the forms of assessment listed above, they must follow these guidelines:

  • Clearly state how they have used the tool. This is done in an appendix and attached it to the exam assignment. This means that students must describe how they have used generative artificial intelligence, including their prompting method. For example, whether they have used it in there preparatory work, to answer questions, to search for information, to give them feedback, to critique their work, or to proofread their text.
  • Students have been informed that they must provide a reference for any text they use that is not their own – and present this text as a citation. This includes text produced by tools based on generative artificial intelligence. Read more about the rules for citations at

If students have used generative artificial intelligence in their work but fail to disclose how they have used it, this is considered cheating. You can read more cheating at

Digital exams: WISEflow

All on-site exams and oral exams are digitised, and Aarhus University uses the WISEflow system. As co-examiner, you must log on to WISEflow to access the students' exam papers and report the marks. Please note that all marks at oral exams must be entered on the day of the exam.

Read more about WISEflow and how to access the system (Danish version)


Oral exams via Zoom

Here you find guides for study supporters, internal examiners (lecturers), external co-examiners and students on how to conduct oral exams using the video meeting platform Zoom.

Reimbursement of travel expenses

Public transportation is recommended unless driving your own car is the most cost-effective.

Expenses related to driving your own car will be refunded according to the Ministry of Finance’s circular regarding business travel. Please note that all transport to and from exams at the department must be made in such a way that it results in the lowest possible travel expenses.

First-class tickets and airplane tickets will not be refunded.

The use of taxis must be confined to short trips and only in situations where it is not suitable to use public transportation, i.e. if you have problems getting to your point of destination on time.

Requests for reimbursement of meals will only be met in special cases and only by prior agreement with the department.

Only in exceptional cases, and subject to prior agreement with the department, it will be possible to get reimbursement for travelling to an exam if you live abroad. 

Please contact the relevant study secretary before making travel plans if you have questions regarding travel reimbursement.

How to apply for reimbursement
Please use the form below to submit information about your travel expenses. It is important that you fill in all fields of the form and that you sign it before sending it to the department.
If you are using your own car, make sure to state the registration number in the travel expenses form.

Hotel accommodation

As a rule, the department does not offer hotel accommodation in connection with exams. Only in certain cases and only by pre-approved agreement with the department, the study secretary can book accommodation for external co-examiners. Please contact the study secretary if you have any questions.


Payment for your examination comes to your NemKonto – all we need is your civil registration number (CPR).   

List of study secretaries at the department of Management

HD (Graduate Diploma):

HD – Organisation og Ledelse, HD Business

Lisbeth Widahl


BSc in Economics and Business Administration

Joan Hørdum JepsenIoana Postelnicu  
and Inger Larsen


MSc in Business Administration - Business Psychology Tabita Schmidt 

MSc in Business-to-Business Marketing and Purchasing    

Kristine Lysgaard

MSc in Commercial and Retail Management

Inger Larsen

MSc in Digital Business Management Tabita Schmidt    

MSc in Innovation Management

Ioana Postelnicu

MSc in International Business

Merete Elmann

MSc in IT, Communication and Organisation

Ulla Salomonsen

MSc in Management Accounting and Control   Ioana Postelnicu

MSc in Marketing

Kristine Lysgaard

MSc in Strategic Communication   Merete Elmann

MSc in Strategy, Organisation and Leadership

Tabita Schmidt     

MBA and Executive Master:


Ulla Salomonsen and Ioana Postelnicu
Master in IT   Inger Larsen