Simon Tobias Schulz Karg


Assistant Professor, Ph.D.

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Simon Tobias Schulz Karg

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Simon Karg is working on the STANDBY project as an assistant professor.

Within STANDBY, Simon is leading efforts in examining social media data using computational methods. This work will provide insights in real-world bystander reactions to online political hostility, shedding light on what types of reactions people show when facing hostility, as well as when and why people choose to intervene in, and what consequences this has for online conversations. Complementing this line of research, Simon also helps design complex, interactive experiments using a mock social media platform that allow for investigations into the specific causes and consequences of standing up in face of political online hostility.

Before joining STANDBY, Simon completed his Ph.D. at the Department of Management at Aarhus University, studying the phenomenon of collaborative corruption, i.e., when people collaborate in order to achieve joint dishonest goals. Combining his backgrounds in philosophy and psychology, Simon developed a deep interest in morality, studying moral behavior, judgments, and attitudes both philosophical and psychological angles.

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