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3rd year PhD presentation - Piet van de Mosselaar

Consumer perceptions and decision-making

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Friday 14 January 2022,  at 10:00 - 11:30


via Teams


Department of Management

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On 14 January at 10:00, there will be a 3rd year PhD presentation by Piet van de Mosselaar entitled "Consumer perceptions and decision-making".

Supervisors: Jacob Lund Orquin & Marco Hubert
Discussants: Klaus G. Grunert & Sascha Steinmann

In this presentation, I present the three papers that make up my PhD thesis.

The first paper is concerned with affective experiences and the importance of experience duration. As it becomes increasingly difficult to recall details from a past experience, the memory of it may change, and we test whether participants, that consider repetition, become less sensitive to the duration of an experience.

The second paper is concerned with copycatting trademarked product labels. Consumers are able to quickly and accurately detect important foods labels (such as the organic label and the keyhole label) on a food item, sometimes from the corner of their eyes. We test whether marketers copycat trademarked product labels, and whether participants perceive copycat labels as their trademarked counterparts. This could potentially lead a consumer to purchase a product based on false beliefs about its attributes (thinking it is organic or healthy).

The third paper is concerned with nutrition of organic foods. Studies, comparing organic and non-organic unprocessed foods, do not generally find that organic foods are more nutritious, but consumers perceive organic foods as healthier and more nutritious, and they use the organic label as a health cue. There are more organic foods in healthy supermarket categories, but it is unclear if organic foods from the same category are healthier. I compare nutrition of foods from the same categories and test whether consumers’ perceptions of the nutrition of organic foods enable them to make ecologically rational and nutritious decisions in the supermarket.

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