ODA seminar by Peter Kesting

A study on the reasons for the use of ethically ambiguous tactics in business negotiations

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Wednesday 6 March 2024,  at 12:00 - 13:00




ODA Section, MGMT

On 6 March at 12:00 there will be an ODA seminar by Peter Kesting entitled:

A study on the reasons for the use of ethically ambiguous tactics in business negotiations

What motivates negotiators to use ethical ambiguous negotiation tactics (EANT)? Research traditionally takes a strongly rationalistic perspective on this issue: negotiators primarily use these tactics because they anticipate gaining an advantage from them. This creates a tension between self-interest and ethical behavior. Guided by insights from the Dual Process theory, this study challenges this perspective and examines the extent to which EANT may also be grounded in non-rational motives. In this quantitative study based on 578 data points, we measure EANT using the SINS II scale and assess the motives for this behavior using a modified scale based on Thompson (1998). We find that indeed a significant portion (more than 40%) of the motivations for using EANT are non-rationalistic. We also find that this proportion increases as tactics are perceived as more unethical. Additionally, we examine experience, industry, culture, negotiation training and gender as further drivers. We posit that a significant part of the explanation lies in negotiations occurring in real-time, demanding rapid responses that are often only achievable through System 1 thinking. People do not use EANT solely for their own benefit, but rather to cope with situations. This perspective significantly influences how to deal with EANT: it is not just about resolving a dilemma but also about managing situations. 

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