OSA seminar by Henrike Konzag

Managing Information Systems in Shift Work

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Wednesday 31 May 2023,  at 12:00 - 13:00




The OSA Section, MGMT

On 31 May at 12:00 in room M303, there will be an OSA seminar by Henrike Konzag entitled:

Managing Information Systems in Shift Work

The use of Information Systems (IS) continues to play vital role in organizational life. An increase in organizations deviating from the traditional 9 though 5 workday and the peculiarity of consecutive execution of organizational tasks this deviation from tradition entails, poses a challenge on the IS to support continuous task execution. We used a social-technical design perspective and relied on organization theory to investigate how employees used an IS to support task execution beyond the traditional workday. We collected data in a hospital setting by interviewing and observing employees in their use of an IS to support task execution within and across work shifts. Our analysis reveals interesting differences in the use of the IS dependent on the shift worked. These differences result partly from changes in the organization and partly from the specific need to work consecutively on tasks across work shifts. We contribute to the literature on continued IS use (motivation to use an IS) and offer empirical as well as practical insights into studying IS use in shift work.

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