Stina Rydell Brøgger - 2nd year PhD presentation

Reconceptualising diversity management from a paradox lens: the paradox in trying to remove differences by focusing on differences

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Wednesday 17 August 2022,  at 11:00 - 11:45




Department of Management

Supervisors: Birte Asmuβ & Jakob Lauring
Discussants: Irene Pollach & Pernille Smith

Grand challenges and global trends call for new ways of understanding and managing an in-creasingly diverse workforce (Yadav & Lenka, 2020; Heres & Benschop, 2010). The current literature on diversity management (DM) largely differentiates between two distinct approaches with varying conceptualisations and underlying understandings of diversity, its outcome, and the role of managers; (1) the mainstream understanding of DM, defined as the business case lens, and (2) the critical approach, defined as the social justice lens.

Based on our reading of the DM literature, we have observed a call for more conceptual-isations that take into account the growing number of challenges and tensions modern DM faces (Omanovic, 2009; Nadiv & Kuna, 2020). Challenges that neither the business case nor the so-cial justice lens embark on. Hence, we aim to challenge the existing understandings of DM by applying paradoxes as a theoretical lens and thereby contribute with a diversification of the di-versity concept as requested by scholars in the field of DM studies (Nadiv & Kuna, 2020; Trittin & Schoeneborn, 2015).

The paper therefore contributes to the DM literature by moving away from an existing focus on either an economic rationale or a social justice rationale towards a reconceptualisation of DM as a discipline of creating space for, embracing, and utilising paradoxes (Lüscher and Lewis, 2008 in Daubner-Siva et al., 2017).

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