Despite the high value placed on creativity in today's job market, there's no scientific consensus on how to measure it effectively. Creativity ranks as a top skill in demand, predicted to rise from 5th to 3rd place by 2022 (1). However, identifying creative talent remains a challenge (2).

Solution: CREA - A Comprehensive Creativity Assessment Platform. CREA combines innovative games and validated tests to assess creativity, including Divergent Thinking (DT) and Convergent Thinking (CT). The platform features mini-games designed to measure different aspects of creativity through interactive and engaging tasks. 

The CREA games are fun, engaging, and aim to provide cleaner data by reducing test anxiety and researcher effect. These games allow observations closer to real-world phenomena. Recognizing creativity as an essential 21st-century skill, CREA aims to impact research and education, aligning with the Sustainable Development Goals for quality education and economic growth. CREA encourages public participation in creativity assessment, fostering a collaborative environment between scientists and the public.

Further Information

Janet Frances Rafner

AIAS-SHAPE Fellow Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies


crea.visions, an integral part of the CREA suite, offers a unique platform enabling everyone to visually express their visions of future utopias and dystopias.

This AI-assisted image generation tool, developed by our research center, empowers individuals to communicate their thoughts and concerns in a visually compelling way. Launched in 2020, crea.visions has been evolving through continuous innovation.

It represents the essence of the Center for Hybrid Intelligence's mission: to blend human creativity with advanced technology. In this interactive game, participants can craft images that reflect their perspectives on the future we're heading towards.

Read more about crea.visions here



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