crea.visions is a game that enables the public to work with AI to create powerful, thought-provoking visions of utopias and dystopias. We worked on this in collaboration with the United Nations AI for Good, ArtBreeder, and Klimafolkemødet in order to raise awareness about the climate change challenge and the importance of reaching the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

crea.visions is part of a larger study on human creativity called CREA. Creativity is complicated, and researchers distinguish between many different kinds of creativity. The CREA project encompasses a range of games that bring many perspectives together in one place to study the relationships between different aspects of creativity.

Some of the CREA subgames relate to Convergent Thinking, others more to Divergent Thinking. Between them, they cover some very artificial tasks (that are easy to analyze) and some more naturalistic tasks (that are more difficult to analyze but are more similar to real-world creativity).

The hope is that by bringing these together in the same place, we will be able to better understand the relationships between them, and ultimately understand the cognitive science of creativity. This understanding could for example be used to build better tools for educators and creative professionals.

You can read more about CREA here.

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Hear from our collaborators and partners

Crea.visions stems from a very practical question. A question and ambition that I think we all share: How do we invite citizens into an open, value-based and inclusive conversation about the future of the city and the challenges we face on the way there? Here, crea.visions of Aarhus is a suitably ambitious, creative and tangible proposal.

testimonial Bo Fristed Head of Innovation, Technology, and Creativity at Aarhus Municipality

Crea.visions reimagine the future, merging art, technology, and citizen collaboration. It's an exciting example of addressing climate change as a 'wicked problem'. I am very happy with the great result that came out of the collaboration with the Center for Hybrid Intelligence and I look forward to seeing crea.visions grow.

testimonial Emma Emilie Heibøll Development Consultant at the Climate Secretariat in Aarhus Municipality

Crea.visions exemplifies innovative citizen participation, showcasing how hybrid intelligence can revolutionize democratic processes.

testimonial Søren Lundsgaard Project Manager for Innovation, Technology, and Creativity at Aarhus Municipality.

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