crea.visions Aarhus 2023

In 2023, we're collaborating with Aarhus Municipality in our project crea.visions Aarhus, where we researched how AI can help citizens communicate ideas and participate in conversations about societal issues and urban development. We did this by creating a co-creative space, in which people work together with an image generation AI in order to create captivating images that capture and communicate the creator’s ideas. 

With crea.visions, we have previously been to Venice, Paris, Belgrade, and the Danish Climate Summit. crea.visions is an AI-assisted image generation tool that our research center developed and we use it to empower the public by allowing them to communicate thoughts/concerns visually. We first launched crea.visions in 2020, and have been continuously iterating on it since. Previous versions of crea.visions used GANs in order to blend images. In crea.visons Aarhus version we switched to a cutting-edge text-to-imagestable diffusion technology, which allows users to edit pictures using texts.

In 2023 we're engaging Aarhusians to create submissions in relation to Aarhus, possibly related to the Kommune’s 7 wicked problems. Over the spring we have collected nearly 1000 submissions from primary school children, which were exhibited in June at Dokk1. In the spring of 2023, the game is played by school students from Aarhus who address the city's 7 wild problems. We held 13 workshops at 4 schools in and around Aarhus and we already got some really nice, thoughtful submissions. 

Further information

Janet Frances Rafner

AIAS-SHAPE Fellow Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies

crea.visions Aarhus Activities

Main Library: Dokk1

  • Showcase of pictures 

  • AI classification into the 7 wicked problems and sentiment analysis (utopian to dystopian)

  • Opportunity to play the game

  • Live drawing tutorial

The Townhall

  • We exhibited: The best 9 submissions for each of the 7 wicked problems, 8 winning images and a number of mosaics of submitted images

  • Hosted a workshop with ~50 companies and municipalities represented

Climate Conference 

  • Aarhus Municipality Climate Secretariat Annual Conference on Climate

  • Interactive exhibition of 30 future images of climate and sustainability in Aarhus

  • Focusing on opening dialogue about climate change and engaging more people in taking responsibility for our planet.