Flood Modeling for Climate Meeting 2021

Due to its unique geographic position in the Little Belt of Denmark, Middelfart is particularly at risk of flooding as a consequence of climate change. 

As part of the Climate Meeting 2021, Center for Hybrid Intelligence collaborated with Middelfart Municipality on developing an educational flood simulation. The simulation allows learners to investigate what happens under various conditions of storm suges and precipitation. The model incorporates

  1. GIS data to accurately simuluate heigh differences in Middelfart,
  2. historic rain data to allow learners to explore how close to floodings we have been in the past, and
  3. relatively high fidelity modeling of water movement to explore potential floodings in the future.

The model was exhibited for a general audience by the harbor of Middelfart during the summer of 2021, and was used in high school classrooms during the Climate Meeting.