crea.visions Climate Summit 2021

In collaboration with AI4Good, Artbreeder and Klimafolkemødet, The Center for Hybrid Intelligence has created a game in which people can create pictures that tell about how they see the future we are facing. We held a competition with a price of 10.000 danish kroner.
The event was held with more than 500 participants, who generated 11,596 images in total, and submitted 237 of those to the competition.
You can play the game here

The winning images

In a city where there is a lot of new electronic such as robots and several large buildings and hotels on Mars.

Vejen er kringlet – målet er objektivt!

What we have left

If the end of the world was near, would you hide in fear or stand here and spend the last minutes with me? You say that everything ends some day. And you are right. But it went faster than you expected.It is now no longer only our souls, which are on fire.But it is too late now. What is destroyed cannot be restored.We were given a responsibility but we were not strong enough to lift it alone. So, here we spend our last few minutes in each others arms.

With our gaze to the horizon, we observe the final ending.

The beautiful sea

The fishing industry is happy and so is the sea, better than it has been in a long time. There is officially no more plastic in the world's oceans.

Burning forest

Politicians promise green ambitions 

And come with various speculations

A climate debate here and there

But nothing more

Forests burning

But no climate laws in the making

Around tree trunks

The flames hug

The fire rages in the wind

Where lush landscapes used to be

Animals cannot live

They have to find a new place

We must take care of mother earth

It's not enough just with words

The climate crisis must be addressed

Instead, we talk through our hats