Danish Innovation Index 2023 Annual Award Conference

Danish Innovation Index 2023

On March 1, the Department of Management, Aarhus University, hosted a successful  Danish Innovation Index 2023 Online Conference for leaders, managers, partners, scholars, students and the public. In addition to interesting talks and discussion on diversity & inclusion in innovation, the most innovative companies in Denmark as perceived by consumers were revealed. Below, you will find the DII ranking of firms in terms of innovativeness as well as their success with integrating artificial intelligence (AI) in their consumer services.


The Department of Management, Aarhus University, invites leaders, managers, partners, scholars, students, and the public to the second Danish Innovation Index (DII) annual award conference online to announce the winners of this year's ranking of the most innovative companies, and to discuss topical issues about firm innovativeness.

The theme of this year's award conference is the role of diversity in gaining and maintaining innovativeness, and how product diversity, customer diversity and market diversity can help facilitate innovativeness of modern, customer-centric companies in Denmark.


Innovation, by definition, requires the commercial application of a new idea, which means being made available on the market. Recognizing that it is customers’ adoption and usage decisions that determine the success of new products and, ultimately, of innovators themselves, this bottom-up approach to evaluating innovation efforts was developed*.

*The Innovation Index was developed by Professor Tor W Andreassen (NHH/CSI), Professor Line Lervik Olsen (BI/NHH) and postdoctoral researcher Seidali Kurtmollaiev (NHH/CSI).


The Innovation Index is a theoretically derived measurement instrument that rests on two assumptions:

  1. countries cannot be innovative—companies can; and
  2. leaders and experts are not the final judges of innovations—consumers are.

Through a carefully designed procedure, the Innovation Index captures consumers’ perceptions of firms’ innovativeness and the changes that result from these innovations. The main focus is on assessing perceived firm innovativeness and on examining the effects on firms’ strategic positioning and customer loyalty.


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