Education strategy for Department of Management

The Department of Management (MGMT) aims to develop and provide top-quality research-based education that is scientifically rigorous, novel and practically relevant. This aim is supported by a teaching environment that is ambitious and characterised by discussion, dialogue and critical reflection.

Faculty are encouraged to relate their teaching to their research topics in order to offer education at the highest possible academic level supported by contemporary pedagogical methods that are improved continually.  We offer training opportunities for all career levels as well as support, advice and mentoring activities. Quality assurance follows the faculty’s survey-based course evaluations. Locally at the department, quality development is supported by each programme conducting focus group discussions among faculty, students and potential employers.

MGMT offers several highly specialised MSc/MA programmes in the field of management based on teaching at the broad Economics and Business Administration bachelor (HA/BSc) and BA in Marketing and Management Communication. Moreover, we offer several executive programmes at the bachelor (HD) and Master level as well as a number of doctoral programmes.