2019.09.13 | Research news

Potatoes lead the way

A new study on potato protein makes food manufacturers wiser on how to market plant-based products and make consumers more tempted to buy them. Health is by far the most important factor.

2019.08.12 | Research news

Products placed near the store’s entrance sell better

Have you ever bought something simply because you saw it when you entered the store? Well, your purchase might not have been accidental.

2019.07.01 | Research news

Let´s talk about potatoes

Talking about potato is no hot potato. This is one of the conclusions from a series of food consumer studies in the scope of the research project ‘proPotato’, funded by Innovation Fund Denmark.

2019.05.08 | Events

EIT Food and Aarhus University joint conference and workshop 5-6 June

Understanding Consumer Choices and Experiences in Food

2019.05.08 | Research news

The Department of Management takes part in new SDG networks

Researchers from the MAPP Centre are involved in the new projects 'New Foods for Physical and Mental Well-Being' and 'Overcoming the Challenges of a Circular Economy' at Aarhus University

2019.04.09 | Research news

Women buy healthy food when they see an attractive man

What we choose to eat and drink when we see a potential, attractive partner is still driven by our primal instincts. This means that women buy healthier food when they see an attractive man and that men buy more expensive food when they see an attractive woman.

2019.03.21 | Research news

Customers - the biased decision-makers

Have you ever wondered to which degree you do control your purchasing decisions when shopping in the supermarket? This answer will surprise and possibly offend you!

2019.03.15 | Research news

Mænd på erhvervsskoler har stadig færre point på sundhedskontoen

På sundhedsfronten halter mændene på erhvervsskoler efter de kvindelige medstuderende, der i gennemsnit er mere motiverede til og spiser mere sundt, samtidig med at de ved mere om sund mad.

2019.03.13 | Research news

Hvordan har vi det med vores mad?

Forskere har undersøgt en række aspekter af vores relationer til mad og spisning, samt hvordan vores opfattelser af fødevarekvalitet udvikler sig over tid. Forbrugernes kvalitetsbevidsthed går igen i både hjemmet og på restaurant.

2019.03.08 | Research news

Small adjustments of the product labels can capture customers’ attention

What makes us pick products off the shelf? This study examines how product labels capture our attention and influence our decision-making.

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