Digitalization and Retail Management

Digitalization and the associated innovative technologies are not only revolutionizing access to information such as web content or services, but are also creating a wide range of market opportunities and challenges for retailers. The advancing digitalization is not only associated with opportunities for retail companies, but also involves a variety of challenges, which must be met for sustainable corporate success. Retailers who adequately meet the challenges of digitalization will be able to realize its opportunities for increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of retail management and retail brand management.

The objective of this research project is to investigate the opportunities and challenges of digitalization and its impact on customer behavior effects by combining qualitative and quantitative empirical research methods. The findings will form the basis for concrete implications for retail management and marketing as well as for the development of innovative and sustainable business models.


Professor Sascha Steinmann

Assistant Professor Masoumeh Hosseinpour

Assistant Professor George Tsalis

PhD student Alina Diana Both.

The project is funded by Aarhus University Research Foundation.