Dorthe Døjbak Håkonsson 
Erik Reimer Larsen

2020.08.18 | Research news

Five million grant for Dorthe Døjbak Håkonsson and Erik Reimer Larsen

The grant is for the project 'Patterns of Interactions: Emergence and Consequences'

2020.08.18 | Research news

New Covid-19-related project at ICOA

Knowledge Flows in Corporations, Before, Under, and After Covid-19

Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University

2019.10.15 | Research news

ICOA participation in Conference Honoring James G. March

Erik Reimer Larsen and Dorthe Døjbak Håkonsson presented a poster of their new paper: ‘Can too many cooks spoil the broth? Boundary Conditions to Non-Hierarchical Organizing’

2019.09.17 | People

Honorary Doctorate for Linda Argote

In connection with the annual celebration on Friday 13 September, Linda Argote was named Honorary Doctor, Doctor Mercaturae Honoris Causa, for Aarhus BSS at Aarhus University.

2019.08.06 | People

New faces in the corridor at ICOA

A warm welcome to Elaine Horstmann and Jonathan David Jensen

2019.06.18 | Events

3. møde i Forum for Organizational Design

Den 18. juni afholdt vi det 3. møde i Forum for Organizational Design. På mødet holdt Erhvervsstipendiat Marianne Livijn oplæg om emnet: ’Uddeleger designopgaven og aktiver alle ledelseslag’.

2019.06.12 | Events

ICOA Seminar by Giacomo Negro

On 11 June Giacomo Negro from Emory University presented his recent paper 'Inter-Organizational Collaborations in Partitioned Marleys: Creative Exploration and Box-Office Performance of Co-Productions in Hollywood'

2019.05.09 | Events

ICOA seminar by Sheen Levine

On Tuesday 7 May 2019, Sheen Levine presented his recent work: What Directs Search? Multi-site Experimental Evidence on Exploration – Exploitation

Paul Leonardi

2019.04.09 | Events

Better People Analytics: Measure Who They Know, Not Just Who They Are

On 8 April, Paul Leonardi gave a very interesting talk in the Organizational Design Forum

2019.04.03 | Events

ICOA Seminar by Sven Kunisch

On 2 April, Sven Kunisch presented his latest work: ‘The Rise of the Chief Digital Officer: An Exploratory Study'

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