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Reports and short notes




Key success factors of plant-based industry in Denmark

Insights from 25 interviews with food companies and experts

  • internal drivers and external triggers
  • characteristics of the stages of development of the plant-based market sector in Denmark


Catalogue document of analysed and mapped drivers, triggers and key success factors in the food industry 

Triggers of societal tipping points

 Results from seven case studies on sustainable food consumption


Triggers of societal tipping points

Meat reduction in Denmark

Data from a representative sample of Danish consumers on

  • Meat consumption and reduction
  • Different pathways to meat reduction


Different pathways to meat reduction

PlantPro Challenge study

Household observation study

  • Understand consumer behaviour and product perception under real-life conditions
  • More than 100 households used and tested plant-based products over 4 weeks in 2022


PlantPro Challenge study – Summary of results 

Repeated PlantPro benchmark study

Representative survey of Danish consumers, repeated during project period (thus benchmarking before and after)

  • consumer perceptions and behaviour related to plant-based foods and upcycled foods


Benchmark survey answers May 2021 and October 2022 

Citizen agreement to policies and actions

Short note from PlantPro Benchmark survey October 2022 on views on selected policies and actions


Citizen agreement to policies and actions – Short note from PlantPro Benchmark survey October 2022