The project scientific publications are listed here.

A report on ‘Different pathways to meat reduction’, part of the work on ‘consumers’ and written by CBS on the basis of two surveys, can be found here: 

You can find our two reports on which key success factors shape sustainable industry and societal transitions in the food and other sectors, in Denmark and abroad, under ‘industry’, see 

Under ‘benchmark survey’, you can find a video and pdf presentations on results from the representative and repeated consumer survey, see 

A documentation of the PlantProChallenge study, part the work on ‘consumers’, can be found here (only in Danish) 

Want to know more about ‘upcycled food’ and what it is?  

We recommend this video Upcycled food – definitio, potential, and next steps 

Video on the Upcycled Food Journey study

Webinar about upcycled food