The work package ‘industry’ (WP1) aims to identify which key success factors shape sustainable industry and societal transitions in the food and other sectors, in Denmark and abroad.

In task 1.1, the aim is to explore internal drivers and external triggers that form the basis for innovation breakthrough and commercial success within the food value chain macro-environment, e.g. key success factors in strategy, competence, stakeholder relations, regulation, and communication. Qualitative research on cases of early innovator pathways in the plant-based sector in Denmark and leading countries (NL, Germany, UK), conducting expert interviews and exploration of sales data.

In task 1.2, the aim is to outline development paths, understand how behaviour change is impacted, and identify factors that trigger societal tipping points. Analysis of processes of successful societal transitions in other areas of sustainable (food) consumption, using case studies and consumption historical analysis (e.g. keyhole, wholegrain partnership, organic, food waste actions, energy sector).

Expected outcome of WP1:

  • Identification of major drivers and triggers of the market trend, and of strategic key success factors of early plant-based innovators that food company partners can implement through revising their strategy, particularly their communication approach.
  • Evaluation of previous societal transition triggers that companies and interest organisations can implement in their promotion of system-wide change, but also more concretely in refining product development and messaging.

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