The work package ‘consumers’ (WP2) aims to map the consumer factors that determine the acceptance and behaviour across different consumer lifestyle groups, and the respective environmental impact of it.

Expected outcome of WP2:

  • Strategic insights about specific ‘green’ vs. ‘mainstream’ consumer segment differences in attitudes and behaviours re plant-based or upcycled food and its processing, which food producers can use to fine-tune targeted product formulations, packaging information, and service innovations, or – in case of interest organisations - social marketing.
  • Assessment of extent and type of consumer perception and behaviour change through a) eating plant-based or b) eating/’doing’ upcycling, and effect of plant-based diets on food waste amount and behaviours, which can serve to predict dietary behaviour patterns and preferences, specify the future market potential of upcycled food, and food waste reduction effects; Also, partners receive direct consumer feedback on their product characteristics. The public sector gains insight on diet quality index improvements and suggestions on nutritional guidelines and their communication.

Studies in the work package ‘consumers’ (WP2): 

  • The ‘PlantProChallenge’ aims to observe and understand consumer behaviour and product perception under real-life conditions. More than 100 participating households use and test plant-based products and eat more (but not necessarily exclusively) plant-based for a period of 4 weeks in early 2022. Households receive a variety of products, recipes and information as inspiration at two times during the 4-week period. Their opinions, experiences and potential changes in behaviour are surveyed before, during and after the challenge.  
  • The study will provide insights into citizen and consumer challenges, changes and practices when changing their diet to more plant-based, and provide feedback to company´s products.  
  • The study is conducted in collaboration with Skanderborg kommune, see also 
  • The PlantProChallenge is explained in greater detail here: 

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